Where did my Mojo Go?

I haven’t written in over 2 months. I haven’t even been inspired to come up with a single poetic syllable. It feels like I lost my mojo or my muse left me high and dry. But then again, I do think of writing every day. My heart, my head and my fingers twitch every second.

I keep telling myself, maybe I’ve finally experienced what they call ‘the writers block’. At least I’d like to think that’s the problem. But something tells me its more than that. I’ve been known to over think things and over-analyze every situation. I guess this is one of those situations huh? Maybe it is, maybe it’s not, who knows..

All I can say is, I lost my Mojo and it’ll be good to find it in someone’s ‘lost and found box’ somewhere somehow. I started this blog to get my poetry out there, and it’s been a beautiful experience, but then two books later and I’m wanting more. Not just poetry but J. K Rowlings’ kind of deal.

I started working on a sci-fi book last year but somehow my storyline keeps taking different forms. I find myself constantly comparing the plots to something I’ve seen in any sci-fi fantasy movie I watch lately, and In a bid to be overly creative and different, I end up wearing myself out.

However, for the last 2 months, it’s been completely silent in my head. No new ideas for a scene or plot. Not even a poetry line comes to mind. Then today I heard someone use the phase “Fake it till you make it” and it got me thinking. Can you fake your way through creativity. Can you have poetry without the passion and emotion? or can you create that masterpiece of a storyline without your creative juices flowing or while your ‘Mojo’ is still missing. Perhaps it takes discipline.

I mean I’ve had to fake an orgasm multiple times just to get it over with, but I never thought it was possible to fake creativity just to keep going???? Is it really possible?

Not saying anyone really does fake creativity and I know what you’re probably gonna say next is; “It’ll come back to you when it does”.. but what if it doesn’t? Is this what happens to dead dreams? You hear about people never getting to make their dreams a reality and you cant help but wonder what happened. Or you hear about one hit wonders and you wonder how they ended up in the archives of time and forgotten memories.

I know I’m over thinking the simplest of things again, but I cant help but think. I really do believe I may have been a Greek philosopher in my past life.

That being said. Thanks for visiting my blog. Be sure to buy my book here —> (Poetry My Love) and follow me on Twitter @GloriaE

I’ll try to write a little more often. Hopefully my Mojo will find its way home again 🙂

Published by gloriathepoet

That hopeless romantic Poet who can't help but be in love. I love writing poetry, but i'm also a budding fantasy/Sci-fi Novel Writer. When i'm not dreaming my way with a pen, I'm trying to design something or create an application that may change the world.

4 thoughts on “Where did my Mojo Go?

  1. Maybe you need to do something opposite to writing – something else creative but in a different realm to writing – art, acting, singing, dancing…. Take some classes on something you haven’t done before, and connect with other people in a creative way to distract your mind from even thinking about words. Just a thought! 🙂

    I don’t do much art at the moment, because I seem to fill my time with writing and reading other blogs – not much time left to paint! But when I did paint, I used to get all sorts of inspiration while quietly creating a picture with music in the background. I would have hated to do something like that a few years back – wouldn’t have had the patience before. Something to do with age I think – I’m gradually turning into my quiet patient mother!! 🙂 I never thought I could do art, couldn’t see I was any good, but to my total shock discovered I was actually quite good! And a few months ago I tried an abstract painting, which was a lot easier to do than my previous detailed style. I filled the canvas with all sorts of my favourite colours and even though it wasn’t an actual picture of something I really enjoyed it all – and all painted in children’s colourful poster paint, it hasn’t faded yet!! It hangs on my living room wall and no-one ever guesses it’s mine! 😀

    Have you ever read Julia Cameron’s The Right To Write? It’s a long time since I read this, but she is very encouraging throughout for writers who are suffering with writers block. One of the things she says to try, is just to write down daily whatever come into your mind, not with any clear idea where it’s going – just write. I have done this sometimes and it’s very surprising what comes out, or maybe just record yourself speaking out thoughts. She also suggest doing other creative hobbies in order to stop thinking about writing, because sometimes thinking about it can get in the way to actually doing it! Here’s a link, if you’d like to take a look at the book – I hope it helps and your Mojo comes up behind you and surprises you very soon!!! 😀 http://www.amazon.com/The-Right-Write-Invitation-ebook/dp/B002JF1N2S

    1. Many thanks Suzy 🙂 that’s definitely an awesome idea. I think I may try the painting or dance classes. Also been thinking of attending this poetry club down town. Might be a good way to connect with others, who knows… Always love having you visit my page. Thanks again Suzy 🙂

  2. My lovely friend take a deep breath and enjoy your “writers block” for a moment .You just published an amazingly beautiful book “Poetry My Love” pat on the back and relax.Have you given any thought to a Romance Novel ? I have some ideas if you wish to pursue it.Love you Gloria ! Star

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