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Poetry, Christianity, Love, and everyday life Reflections


I like to tell everyone i’m your typical Piscean. Intensely Passionate and a lover of the fine arts. I’m that optimistic romantic Poet who can’t help but be in love. I love writing poetry, but i love writing about God and his love for us.

When i’m not dreaming my way with a pen, I’m typing my way through numbers. Yep, i’m also that geek that everyone bullied in high school. The tax accountant everyone would love to hate today but can’t do without 😊

Then there’s also the everyday me. The one who can’t help but talk about politics, who works behind a desk trying to work her way up a fortune 500 corporation. You can definitely call me ‘little Ms A-little-bit-of-everything’ lol.

But above all of these, i would rather describe myself as an advocate for the oppressed. If i lived a previous life, i was probably one of the early disciples who got burnt in the Roman Coliseum for professing Yeshua as the Messiah. Then again, i may have been the Cat that ‘Curiosity’ Killed. Cos apparently i’m overly curious. Always wanting to know the unknown.

Be sure to download a copy of my book ‘Soliloquies: A Poet’s Odes on love, Life and God’ available on Amazon Kindle  (Click on the link to go straight to my book)

5 thoughts on “About

  1. As a rule of the Prolific Blogger Award, wanted me to write a poem which incorporated all the blogs she nominated. You were in that list. I finally wrote the poem and on Thursday, November 8th, at 4pm EST, the poem entitled “The Bloggers” will be posted on my blog. The name and link to your blog are within the context of the poem. Let me know if this is ok to post. If I don’t hear back, I’ll take that as permission. I think you’ll like it though, so when it’s posted you should check it out!

      1. Great, thank you! Be sure to stop by and have a look at it, if you have a chance, it came out very cool with all the blog names 🙂

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