Season 1 of the popular History Channel Documentary – Ancient Aliens (you can get all season on Netflix or buy the DVD box set on the history channel website)

When my mum saw me watching this series for the first time 3 years ago, she threw a tantrum. She hates conspiracy theories, especially because she’s a very conservative Christian. So any anything that potentially led to one questioning the authenticity of the bible was in her opinion; “Of the Devil”. I did laugh when she told me to stop watching it and out of respect for her, I turned the TV to a different channel. But I was hooked, the first day i saw the documentary. I wanted to hear more. Not so much because i believed every word or every theory presented in the series, but because I believe that over the years, we’ve lost so much information that what we have and do practice today is founded on half-baked truths.  It’s easy to draw assertions from anything and everything, and extremely enticing to get sucked into conspiracy theories, but the reason why i like the series is because it stirs up that thirst for wanting to know the truth.

I mean what is Truth? is it what we have all come to accept unanimously as valid? or is it what society has forced us to accept as truth? or does the truth speak clearly and loudly for it self?

There may be a few basic instincts we were born with to help us recognize truths from fallacies. But I’ve come to realize those instincts deal mainly with survival and adaptability. Today all that we know was passed down from generations of old, and with the birth of each new age, Information is lost, replaced, and twisted to suit someone Else’s perception of truth.

Now I’m not encouraging anyone to hold tight to conspiracy theories of any sort, but i do find this particular Series interesting. Like i always tell my friends; It’s easy to believe anything, including the lies you are willing to tell yourself. it all depends on the state of your heart. Hope you enjoy the video.

If you need to see the entire Season 1 through 4, you can rent it on Netflix or visit the History Channel website to purchase the DVDs