Dear October

September’s gone and she was mighty kind to me.
She left me with a few loose change and a warm heart full of hope and anticipation.
She wasn’t always kind but she’s the first of the ember months so what can i say?
I love to see her every now and again, but its you i love even more.
November’s ok and december’s even better but i love you the more for leading me on my autumn lover.
If i sing you a song, would you love me any better than september?
Because i did write you a love letter but it’s hidden in my heart.
Besides, the full moon’s here, so what could be better?

I hold you in my heart not knowing what you’ll become.
But i do hope you’ll treat me well my autumn lover
For my heart is broken at the thought of your many lovers
But who am I to love the second of an ember
If you will be my libra, let me be your Scorpio
For days, months and years are nothing but our own creation
Yet I love you October and I know not why
Then again maybe not

Hi October
Did you miss me?