For the first time in a long time, i decided to buy a Blu-Ray DVD as opposed to just waiting on my Netflix delivery, and the Movie i choose to buy this time was ‘Prometheus’.

Even though i had heard from a couple of friends that it was a terrible movie, my obsession with Greek mythology and the name ‘Prometheus’ got the better of me. I couldn’t walk away from the counter the moment it came out on DVD. Now i’m left with a need to join the Crowd in Chanting the Phrase; ‘it was beautifully produced and Cinematography was damn near perfection, but the storyline wasn’t that great’.

What i do find however interesting, is the origin of this storyline and the recycling of ideas within Sci-fi. If you’re into Greek Mythology like i am, you probably already know that the Greek god Prometheus was credited with creating Man from Clay. And if you’ve been following the History Channel’s Documentary Series; ‘Ancient Aliens’, then you probably already know, much of this storyline was borrowed from proponents of the ‘Ancient Astronaut theory’ like Giorgio A. Tsoukalous.

A few years ago i remember reading works of Sitchin that echoes this storyline, so to see a full movie completely wrapped around it, is somewhat unoriginal to me. If you haven’t tied the dots here, let me quickly tie it up for you.

Economists Zecharia Sitchin is one of a few group of people to lead a new a paradigm slowly making its way into modern popular folklore. Through his major work; ‘Genesis Revisited’ Sitchin explores ancient mythology and the mysterious megalithic ruins found around the globe. from Sumeria, to Egypt, Greece and Peru. He seeks to demonstrate that there was a time in ancient history when an extraterrestrial race had genetically manipulated and manufactured mankind for various reasons, one of which includes slavery. The theory, now embraced by a lot many other writers, who have incorporated it into what is apparently a new worldview, essentially assert that these ancient Sumero-Babylonian gods, ‘the Anunnaki’, are aliens from the planet Nibiru (Sitchin’s “12th Planet”), which passes by the earth every 3,500 years and that the genesis story is a modification of a more ancient Sumerian folklore.

While the likes of Giorgio A. Tsoukalous don’t believe these ancient creating aliens may be dead. Sitchin’s school of thought seem to think these creating gods may be dead in their home planets. I’m guessing the writers of Prometheus chose to follow Sitchin’s school of thought on this one.

The only foreign idea introduced in the movie unfortunately wasn’t even original in any way. It was more or less stolen from the Movie ‘Aliens vs Predators’.

So i guess through all this, my biggest question is; ‘Is there any such thing like Pure Creativity? and above all else where does sci-fi cross over from fiction to fact and is it possible to have fact without fiction and the Choice of Belief, is that what it is, as proposed my the Movie ‘A personal choice’?

All the same, I guess it’s also a great movie since its got Idris Elba, Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender 🙂