I see her beauty
I see her spirit
I see her heart
And she inspires me

I see her character
I see her struggle
I see her commitment
And she inspires me

I see her legacy
I see her grace
I see her soul
And she inspires me

She’s my Black goddess
She’s her man’s rock
She’s her children’s idle
And she’s our inspiration

Poetry is her language
Humanity is her cause
Love is her blood
And GOD is her heart

She’s Rosa Park
She’s Josephine baker
She’s Ida Wells Barnett
She’s our hope and she’s our struggle

She’s Marian wright Edelman
She’s MC Lyte
She’s Queen Latifah
She’s Floetry, Carol M Braun and
Maya Angelou
She’s Lucille Clifton, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Winnie Mandela
She’s Lauryn Hill’s miseducation

She’s the wade in the water
The rhythm in our music
The wind when it blows
The hurricane when it storms
She’s me
She’s you
She’s my African queen
She’s a black girl and she rocks