A Smile in Time.

I haven’t written any poems in a while, cos I’ve been too busy being a working mum. 😦 I wrote this one for the little old lady down the road. For NancyLee ************************ A smile in time That’s what she gave The little lady that’s more of an angel than a little lady She’s everyone’sContinue reading “A Smile in Time.”

I hope you find that big break

It’s easy for the world to break you It’s easy to get swept away It’s easy to become invisible Sometimes, it’s easy to stop believing Where did you go wrong when you had it all right The right opportunities The right timing The right energy But soon enough you realize The right everything isn’t enoughContinue reading “I hope you find that big break”

A Tribute to Nelson Mandela AKA Mandiba

I was seven when I first heard his story. I still hear the voices of his people screaming and chanting “Free Mandela” And the voice of a female singing “Winnie Mandela” It was the story of hope in the face of persecution Strength and Will in the face of oppression A woman standing as aContinue reading “A Tribute to Nelson Mandela AKA Mandiba”

Pregnancy Sex (Pregnancy Humor)

I know you didn’t wake up just to read about pregnancy sex Then again, maybe you did Well maybe not pregnancy sex to be exact But we both know the word sex got your curiosity peaked and your eyes glued to a poetic piece that isn’t so poetic after all when you come to thinkContinue reading “Pregnancy Sex (Pregnancy Humor)”

In honor of Veterans Day, A poem by Rupert Brooke

1914 IV. THE DEAD By Rupert Brooke These hearts were woven of human joys and cares, Washed marvellously with sorrow, swift to mirth. The years had given them kindness. Dawn was theirs, And sunset, and the colours of the earth. These had seen movement, and heard music; known Slumber and waking; loved; gone proudly friended;Continue reading “In honor of Veterans Day, A poem by Rupert Brooke”

What’s In a Poem?

She asked me what’s in a poem She wanted to know If the poems were true stories I told her; a poem isn’t always fact But it could be true A poem simply uses the best words to express an emotion Be it love, lust, pain, epiphany, anger or madness The poet searches for theContinue reading “What’s In a Poem?”

If I could tell you what love is..

Oh If I could tell you what love is Love is the smell of rain on a hot summer day It’s the smell of Christmas in Paris It’s that unexplained emotion that keeps you smiling when you smell something reminiscent of your fondest memory Love is you seeing into my soul and loving me in-spiteContinue reading “If I could tell you what love is..”