He’s set a new song upon my lips

He’s given me a new charge Not many can look into this For sin is complete and prophecy is fulfilled A new thing has begun Even now it springs forth Blessed are those who wait on the living God And know his name It’s complete A new song is written A new melody is startedContinue reading “He’s set a new song upon my lips”


I’ve heard people say; “Communication is key” But I’ve had a hard time communicating. Sometimes, it’s like white noise when I speak People can barely understand. The perplexed glare on their faces Like “what is she going on about?” Language! Language is key to communication The ability to enthrall an audience with language so sophisticatedContinue reading “Communication”

Where did my Mojo Go?

I haven’t written in over 2 months. I haven’t even been inspired to come up with a single poetic syllable. It feels like I lost my mojo or my muse left me high and dry. But then again, I do think of writing every day. My heart, my head and my fingers twitch every second. IContinue reading “Where did my Mojo Go?”

Battle Scars – Lupe Fiasco & Guy Sebastian

This is my new favourite song, so i just had to blog it 🙂 Lyrics The wound heals but it never does That’s cause you’re at war with love You’re at war with love, yeah These battle scars, don’t look like they’re fading Don’t look like they’re ever going away They ain’t never gonna changeContinue reading “Battle Scars – Lupe Fiasco & Guy Sebastian”