She stared into outer space hoping to catch a glimpse of the gods she heard stories about as a child,
but all she saw were stars twinkling with so much beauty it was breathtaking.
She wondered if there was life out there.
If those who lived in those twinkling stars looked down every once in a while.
Her heart ached to live in far away galaxies,
to be amongst the gods,
to explore the heavens,
to be one with the universe…
She wished to know the unknown,
to touch the stars.
To behold the beauty of the very essence of life.
If her heart could beat any faster, it would literally implode.
Suddenly she was startled by the loud horns of a passing train.
Suddenly, it was back to reality,
Back to the boring emptiness that is life on earth.
The pain of love
The aches of loneliness in a room full of people.
The bland taste of nothingness.