There’s a thin line between being a Sexy and outspoken woman vs being a sassy and incessantly annoying trash talking bore. Yep, you heard me right. the latter phrase, however lengthy it is, happens to be the way quite a few ladies are these days. I’m not one to be all conservative and ask ladies to mind their language or their topic of discussion. Matter of fact, i’m extremely liberal and i tend to type the occasional curse words every now and again. However, those who know me in person, know i do try to keep my language clean. Not that i’m trying to be boastful of manners, but i do think there’s a certain air of demeanor when a lady chooses her topics of discussion carefully.

In the dawn of modern social networks like twitter and Facebook, and the breakthrough of writers like EL James, Society is suddenly steaming with what we would like to refer to as “the Modern Day Woman” or “The 21st Century woman”. The woman who is excited about expressing her sexuality as a sign of freedom. Like she had just broken the chains of her oppressor – ‘The Neanderthal Man’. The man who restricted her place to the kitchen and the bedroom. The man who wrecked her with emotional abuse and failed to see her strength and all of her beauty. and above all else, the Man who failed to see her as an intelligible equal.

I wanna be a part of this movement as beautiful and inspiring as it sounds, but unfortunately, while some have beautifully pioneered this course, many a young lady have made it a Mock. I see ladies taking the opportunity to make   ’50 shades of Grey’ an all day topic of discussion like some rabid horny dogs. or talk about the man they are crushing on and the things they would love to do to him all day long. Not that this is new or unique to the 21st century but this redundant attitude is unfortunately one of my ‘Pet peeves’. Hence, i’ve taken the liberty of pointing out the differences between a Lady and a Phony.

I believe its always easy to tell when a lady is nothing more than a phony. look at her choice of words and the recurring content of her conversations. Does she at 1 point try to sound intellectual and then 10mins later sound like a sex worker? does she use words that are particular to a geographic location she’s never lived in? and most importantly what’s the intention behind her conversation?

I hate to say this ladies, but if all you talk about is Sex, PMS, 50 shades of grey, the guy who’s face you would like to sit on, and then occasionally throw in a few news related conversations, trust me sweetie, you’re a “Dud” and a failed experiment. A real woman doesn’t appear to “know” or be intelligent, she actually knows and is Intelligent. A real 21st century woman doesn’t blow her trumpet. her reputation precedes her, She has real results. she has made tangible accomplishments. When a real woman chooses to use the F word or the V word or any other offensive language, its usually in rebellion and for a course she’s passionate about. The other 80% of the time when she talks dirty, its behind closed doors whilst she’s making passionate love to the man she loves with all of her heart.

A 21st century woman isn’t afraid to visit Ann Summers and buy what’s needed to explore her sexuality either alone or with the man she adores. A real woman isn’t religious, she’s spiritual. And above all else, she’s a go-getter.

I guess its ok to be a phony, but ladies, ask yourself 1 question; wouldn’t it be so much more fun if you would just go ahead and be the real deal?