Today i was gonna write about 3 other topics but this video caught my attention so i decided to blog about it first. The video is actually titled ‘Get down Tonight’. However, i decided to give this Blog a different title for very specific reasons, which i’ll get to in a bit.

If you haven’t been paying any attention to the EME label, this is actually the 3rd video off the ‘EME State of Mind Album’. An album i can’t seem to press the stop button on. I think i may have played the songs on this album so many times even my 5yr old knows the lyrics to “Baddest Boy”.

Also, if you haven’t seen the 1st and 2nd videos, you may have to watch them before you can grasp the beauty of the picture i’m about to reveal.

First let me go back in time and recount some stuff about the EME boys from good old memory lane lol…

I’ve watched what i like to call “The Banky Diaries” evolve since when he first came out as a young artist back in 2006, with the song “My Regret”. I thought he sounded a lot like Joe back then, and while i wasn’t completely blown away with his Music, i thought he was cute with a humungous amount of potential if given the perfect opportunities. I’ve been somewhat of a passive fan ever since. Now, I didn’t get to hear about Wizkid until about a year ago and even when i did hear “holla at your boy” and “Don’t Dull” i still wasn’t completely wowed.

Unfortunately, if you know me, i’m a very intense person, so its really hard to wow me at first impressions. It usually takes a series of events for me to be completely blown away. The first time i was blown away with Wizkid was after i saw the “Pakuromo” video. To me, it was Creativity at its finest. I didn’t care so much for the song till i saw the video. After the video i kept looking out for new ‘EME brand” related videos. it was kinda like the “Kanye West Effect”. You know; that feeling of; “a song doesn’t say much till Kanye puts a video out on it”. if you have no idea what i’m talking about, listen to kanye’s ‘Diamonds are forever” then watch the Video… or watch every other Kanye produced Video and you’ll get my point…

Now when Banky announced on Twitter that The EME group would be releasing an Album, i waited to hear what was brewing and the First single “Baddest Boy” was an instant banger for me. I had that song on replay for the longest. For some reason, that song got me through many angry moments… When the entire Album came out, ‘Roll it’, ‘Find My Trouble’, ‘Get down tonight’ and ‘Repping Emeazzyy” instantly married my replay button. So Naturally when Banky Announced again that the videos would be coming soon. I was kinda looking forward to them with anticipation and hoping to get that ‘Kanye Effect’ thrill again. But Video 1 came out and i wasn’t exactly blown away, it was your typical video; where everyone is partying in an American Club style setting, kinda like an R Kelly video, with the main theme being “Our Music is traveling international”. It was a great, well produced video and i still love the song but it didn’t give me that vrooom i was looking for (or maybe i shouldn’t have been looking for it in the first place? who knows?). Well video #2 came through and it was still beautifully produced, but it still didn’t tell a story; just the same usual, underground club type setting. However this time i happened to notice there was a blend in the theme. It had that “Diddy partying in an underground type Club in England” feel to it. Now when video 3 came out. A light bulb suddenly came on for me. All three videos suddenly stood out like a timeline of events. Now i don’t know if they had done this intentionally or not, but the sequence of their videos suddenly started telling a story and they suddenly hit a home run with me. These boys weren’t telling a stand alone story, they were telling a single story with all the videos off of this album.

Again, like i said, i don’t know if this is intentional or accidental but it does throw a whole new light on how this group thinks. I suddenly started to see the story of a group of “underdogs” who see the beauty of Globalization and what it means. “Pakuromo” was a great video but “Pakuromo” was created for a Single “geographic market”.. These 3 videos however, took advantage of a globalized society. A single market place and blended cultures. It was Afro hip-hop meets indie and a little bit pop culture. It was the minds of Big dreamers taking their music from a little city called lagos to a global market place called “Planet earth”.

There’s something to be loved by everyone from every culture in these videos. and i can’t help but love these beautiful underdogs with each work they put out… hope you enjoy the Video..