After watching this week’s episode of ‘Single ladies’, my friends and i got to talking about it and for some reason the guys really wanted to know what women want and why we just have to fake it? Like they can’t understand in heaven’s name why anyone would choose to fake it. Well here are some potential answers guys (and please note that these are my take on the topic. Not verified Facts **Disclaimer Alert** )..

FYI if you haven’t seen this week’s Episode, this is a Spoiler Alert…

First off,   a large amount of the time, women fake it cos they don’t want to bruise their man’s ego. Men have this whole Ego thing going that sometimes its just a lot easier to let him think what he wants to believe. I know some will argue that this is deception, but try dating a guy with a bruised ego. Trust me, it’s NOT fun. He either spends a lot of time trying to rebuild that ego or suddenly becomes UN-enthusiastic.  It’s a lose lose situation, so we prefer the high road.  Usually its the men who think they’ve got it all worked out in the sac that end up with a bruise to their ego when a lady says; ‘sorry sweetie but you’re not bringing it’. What they fail to realize is, it’s not always how good you are in the sac but how in-sync your bodies are. He may be a beast in the sheets but if your bodies aren’t in-sync, it’s going to feel like dry humping to her, and just to make the agony stop, she ends up faking it.

Another major reason is cos she’s tired or not in the mood and doesn’t want to turn him down. Men are like the Sun, they show up ready everyday, there are no off days for sex with men. But women, we’re like the Moon. We have peak periods and days when we just don’t want to be plundered. Matter of fact, we don’t even want to show up in the bedroom. All we want to do is just sleep. Especially if she’s a working mum. On those days, it’s usually easy to fake it, so we can quickly get back to sleep. Again it might be better to just tell the truth like “Sorry honey but I’m tired” but being turned down isn’t a good look. It stings a little, it doesn’t matter if it’s the guy or the girl doing the rejection.

3rd Big reason is; she doesn’t know how to get to the Big O. Contrary to popular beliefs that it’s possible for every girl to get that big O, Not every girl does. And telling a guy, you’ve never had one takes a lot of courage. Besides, the pressure that suddenly builds up the minute the cat’s out the bag makes it a whole lot tougher. What if he can’t make her get there? Everything suddenly becomes all kinds of awkward. Unfortunately, not every man is Christian Grey or a metro-sexual Beast between the sheets. So suddenly if he can’t make her reach there, all kinds of insecurities suddenly begin to build up, and she finds herself looking for ways to save a perfect relationship… Now this is going way into the deep end of negative possible outcomes, and chances are he may just be able to get her there if she tells the truth, but my point is; telling the truth is always a daunting experience for a lot of ladies in the beginning. The key is usually to get her to a position where she’s comfortable enough to tell you the truth.

Reason number 4 (which is very common but a lot of ladies don’t pay attention to this) is cos she’s concentrating on pleasing him rather than enjoying the moment. When a woman is in-love, she goes way overboard to try to please her Man, even in the bedroom. She tries to show she’s got skills and spends a large amount of time wondering if he’s liking what she’s doing. Not that this is a bad thing, but i think this usually happens when she’s not sure how he truly feels about her.  If she did know, i think she would be a lot more relaxed.

I’m sure there are a lot more other reasons why women fake it, but i think these are the ones that are common to ‘Regular’ ‘Normal’ type relationships. By Regular Normal type relationships, i mean everyday couples who are really in-love and not fringe relationships like Hugh Hefner and his 19 yr old love child who’s in it for the money, or that random chick dating xyz to get Lawd knows what lol…

So Question 2 is; What do Women want? I want to say, a lot of the time we actually don’t know what we want till you show us. but the truth is there are specific things that we do want. And like Keisha said in this week’s episode; “Women want Romance, We want to be savored”. We want raw passion in its Purest form…. The scene between Charles and Raquel is my favorite. It just summarizes what women want. We want to ‘Make love’ not just have ‘sex’. We do like the occasional raw, dirty, filthy and absolutely nasty sex, but that’s like Dessert. No one eats desert all the time. Making Love is the main course meal. It’s what connects us with the man we love. It involves a lot of communication with unspoken words. We want him to look in our eyes and see our soul, we want to look in his eyes and see all his vulnerabilities, we want to see deep painful passion, We want to see how much he aches for us. and then We want to be able to recreate this perfect moment over and over again, it’s why we need time to recharge. We need anticipation, we need that craving to build up.. We need time for those electrical currents to rebuild, so when we make love again, its high voltage sparks everywhere.
Then above all else, we want to be able to eat shit loads of cake and not put on an ounce, but hey, like i said.. these are just my thoughts.. every woman has something unique she wants.. :). so If you have any other ideas.. do feel free to share with us please.