11 years ago we bore the pain
Caused by poisoned hearts and misguided minds
We faced the break and rise of a new form of hate
An emotion once unworthy of a second glance
Or a second of our precious time
But in an instant a vale was torn
Two worlds apart now consciously alert
The pain that’s left is more than we can bare
It’s left our lips quivering and quaking
Like queasy guts on a homeless nymph
Lost and threatened on a frosty cold island by a chimerical beast
The gash that’s left is a hole that can’t be filled
But we love despite the emptiness and pain
A meaningless hope lingers at the aftermath and years after
Like red rain descending on the Egyptian nile
In an age that is as clueless as a blank canvass
We remember you today while fighting our tears and fears
Knowing not whence comes our strength and determination
We remember you this day with hope and unflinching fervor
With optimism for a better tomorrow
We remember
Cos you are the essence of our hope
A world were love reigns supreme

RIP 9/11

~ GE