I searched high and low for her face
So familiar yet unknown
A dark show of dejavu
Once upon a dream
A lover’s heart unfilled
A smoke-screen to shade the pain
An illusive smile
Worn in hope for you
Slow to accept the truth
A fleeting thought of lust
Blossomed into love
A dreary twist in faith
Mine’s not to hold
But to give and ask for none

To slightly anticipate her pain
Is to see into her being
The essence of her existence
So dark yet so beautiful
A hope for purple rain
A blue moon’s destiny

Her face is a glimpse of hope
An unworthy blaze
Spun to hide the truth
Catching blue beats
On the pulse of a slow burning heart

Her love is mine to grasp
Her pain is mine to unfold
Her wisdom is mine to unveil
Like the riddles of a sphinx
The enigma of truth
The conundrum of a conscious heart

~ GE