Emotional Abuse
It goes on and on
The abuse
The accusations
His need to make her see her faults
His need to make her feel less than adequate
The constant snooping through her things
The constant fighting
Where does it end
How far is too far
A selfish love
With no room to break free
She says; ‘let me go’
But He changes for a little while
Soon enough, it’s back to square one
The mood swings
Angry mornings
Unemotional evenings

A lonely lovers pain is her solace
Having none to talk to
Having none to understand
Having none to share with
Yet he asks her; why do You hide?
What is hidden?
What’s the point
They go on and on
Cleaving to the path of a broken road
2 strangers clinging on to fragile strings
Not knowing how to let go
Who’s wrong?
Who’s right?
Or does it even matter?
Does love run empty?
What happens to empty hearts
And untrusting lovers
Where do the loveless ones end up?
His abuse is her emotion
Her emotion is his burden
Her heart has become homeless
And Emptiness is her hope
Two lovers gone astray
With no hope of return
But broken threads
And forlorn bonds