When I was younger I took a lot of shortcuts But when you’re older and you hit a brick wall You have to wait Wait for a process that grinds you and turns you to zero You have to learn and embrace a process that molds you into something different Something separate Something not everyoneContinue reading “Shortcuts”


I’ve heard people say; “Communication is key” But I’ve had a hard time communicating. Sometimes, it’s like white noise when I speak People can barely understand. The perplexed glare on their faces Like “what is she going on about?” Language! Language is key to communication The ability to enthrall an audience with language so sophisticatedContinue reading “Communication”

A Smile in Time.

I haven’t written any poems in a while, cos I’ve been too busy being a working mum. 😦 I wrote this one for the little old lady down the road. For NancyLee ************************ A smile in time That’s what she gave The little lady that’s more of an angel than a little lady She’s everyone’sContinue reading “A Smile in Time.”

A Tribute to Nelson Mandela AKA Mandiba

I was seven when I first heard his story. I still hear the voices of his people screaming and chanting “Free Mandela” And the voice of a female singing “Winnie Mandela” It was the story of hope in the face of persecution Strength and Will in the face of oppression A woman standing as aContinue reading “A Tribute to Nelson Mandela AKA Mandiba”

What’s In a Poem?

She asked me what’s in a poem She wanted to know If the poems were true stories I told her; a poem isn’t always fact But it could be true A poem simply uses the best words to express an emotion Be it love, lust, pain, epiphany, anger or madness The poet searches for theContinue reading “What’s In a Poem?”

Precious Moments

Maybe it’s luck Maybe it’s blessings Maybe it’s predestination Maybe it’s hard work and tears We’ll probably never know What we do know is the beauty in that moment Maybe it’s you Maybe it’s me Maybe it’s GOD Maybe it’s our hearts And the strength in our character We’ll probably never know What we doContinue reading “Precious Moments”