The law of dualism
Good vs evil
Right vs wrong
They say it’s either this or that
The dualist mentality
Did it all begin with Descartes’ theory of Dualism
Or did Descartes simply deduce the theory of dualism from human observation?

Welcome to trialism I here
It’s white, black & grey areas
The Trinity
The Triad
Did it begin with ancient Sumeria through Egypt then Greece
Or was it a deduction from the metaphysical?

Trialism I hear
Trialism I see
Say hello to #3
For 2 is no more & 3 is 1
The 3rd person
Unseen but most dominant
White and black are puppets
But Grey is your puppet & your puppeteer
Number 3 is his name
But he’s really the only one
And while everyone looks to # 1 & #2
#3 leaves them confused
Because he was never in the original picture to begin with
He only shows up in subliminal messages
Too subtle for the feeble ones to perceive
Too confusing for most
What’s worse is, he’s both 1 & 2
But neither #1 or #2 are #3

3 kinds of hunger
3 kinds of people
3 questions
2 choices
1 answer
#3 is your answer
But be careful for it’s not the #3 that is seen
Shrouded in the invisibility cloak that is ‘the Other’ aka ‘everyone else’
#3 is hidden in the 12th house
But #12 gave #3 to #6
And #6 is not who you think he is

#3 is your answer
And Eventually only # 3 defines eternity
But to discover #3 is both damnation & redemption
Because 3 was built to be your illusion and your reality
That your judgement may be justified by you alone!
And your punishment wroth on you by your own hands!

Yes #3 is your answer
But it is not the #3 you know
Neither is it the #3 you think