Snow flakes and cold winds
In comfy cottages
North of the western kingdoms
My November is home again
And though you might soon go away
My heart is warm for now till then

Bring me tea cups and biscuits
For my love has fully blossomed
To find warmth within the walls of your heart
Is all I ask of thee oh November
For the high seasons and thankful moments
Are all but yours to bring

Bring me turkey bring me roast
For thanksgiving is here again
And when we say our prayers together again
I’ll be sure to say a thanks for you

Hold me close and bring on December
But be sure to let January know
For scorpio’s wrath is a little too scary to bare
And Sagittarius knows to aim for my heart

But oh November my November
Do treat me well
For I’m a lover not a fighter
And my love runs deeper than the Euphrates rivers