Ever since I heard her story

It’s been hard to get her off my mind

I searched for her name

To hear more

To know more

Just to see her

For to know her, feels like knowing the works of GOD

Her story is that of beauty.

I prayed to the universe

To give me a story like hers

To give me what she was given

A brilliant idea and a resilient spirit

And I would work even harder to multiply it seven folds

I prayed for the beauty of her struggles and her tears

Then I blessed her and hoped someday I could thank her

The beauty of her story is all I know

For her commitment to hard work and perseverance through rejection, I praise her.

I know she may have faced many nights of tears, but her laughter and humble smile is more than I can speak of

Somehow she’s become a modern day Abraham

She reminds me of King David’s Poem; ‘A virtues woman’

~ GE