I looked in her eyes and all I saw was gloom
The glow that once gave us all a smile and a reason to long for her voice is gone
All that’s left is the scars of time and years of struggle
I should feel pity
And I do feel pity for her
But the disdain I feel is stronger
I know I shouldn’t feel this much negativity towards anyone
I shouldn’t blame her for everything
But I don’t know how not to

All I see is her many weaknesses and her many failures
All I see is my constant struggle not to be like her
Her ignorance is outstanding it’s almost a crime
Her selflessness towards her own has become a danger to society
How can something so good be so bad at the same time?
She’s not the worst you’ll find but she’s certainly not the best either
And though she’s not bad at all, her mistakes did spawn little gremlins
Little gremlins who are really Little demons ticking away like time bombs waiting to explode
She can’t fix her errors
She doesn’t even know how
And I don’t even know how to help her
but somehow I feel like I’m sharing her load
She never knew what it meant to be selfless
Even then, I don’t think she ever really knew anything.
somehow I pray maybe I really don’t know her and I ought to stop being so judgmental.
Maybe I should let it go
But I really don’t know how
You ask me what she’s done that’s so bad and I’ll tell you
It’s not so much what she’s done but what she failed to do
And it’s not just what she’s failed to do but what she’s also done

Her failure is she used her child as a bargaining chip and robbed her child of a lifetime
Her weakness is she married a demon and unleashed a lifetime of pain on her child and never stopped to say “I’m sorry I let you go through so much pain”
Her weakness is she never knew how to raise a child so she let society do her job for her and we all know how kind society is not
Her failure is she’s self centered
And I’ve become overly critical, judgmental and bitter because I pay too much attention to her!
Even then, I still love her and her love is like a spell I can never break free off!

~ GE