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Oh If I could tell you what love is
Love is the smell of rain on a hot summer day
It’s the smell of Christmas in Paris
It’s that unexplained emotion that keeps you smiling when you smell something reminiscent of your fondest memory

Love is you seeing into my soul and loving me in-spite of my dark side
Love is you believing in me when I didn’t know there was something worth believing in
Love is you holding on tight to me even when I try to break free

Love’s not always that perfect fairy tale
But it’s certainly that rocky start that turns good then perfect
Love’s that mate my soul never knew it needed
Love is coming home to your warm embrace when the world’s worn me out with a bad day
Love is that dose of harsh reality you give me every time we fight
And that reassuring bond we form over again whenever we make up

Love never leaves me ashamed
Love doesn’t make me feel less of myself
Love doesn’t leave me with regrets
Love doesn’t leave me feeling filthy
Love doesn’t lie
Love isn’t something stolen
Love is that slow burning amber that starts with a little spark and glows brighter than a burning bush for all of eternity

Love is me and you
Always and forever
Through pain and joy
Through struggles and triumphs
Through mistakes and infallibilities
Through this world and the next

~~ GE

I wish you made me laugh often
But you didn’t.
I wish you were kind hearted to me,
But you weren’t exactly kind hearted.
I wish you were generous to me,
But you weren’t.
I wish you talked to me a little more,
But you didn’t.
I wish you gave me memories to remember you by,
But you didn’t.
I wish I gave you more,
Perhaps I didn’t.
I wish I meant more to you,
But I didn’t.
Then again, I wish you were worth only your worth to me,
But you were overrated, and I got cheated.
Goes to say;
We are both good,
Just not good to each other.
Imaginary lovers we were,
Loving each other’s deception.
Holding on to words and wishes we knew weren’t worth a penny.




If I could I would give you the world
But I can’t so I’ll give you my word
My heart and my love is all that I have
And today I’ll lay it all at your feet
And hope this day you won’t throw it away
But even if you did
I’ll do it over and over again
For a moment to catch that glimpse of smile in your eyes
I’ll love you always and forever
To the moon and back
To infinity and beyond
For eternity has not heard of our love
And history may never see this again

I see the pain in your eyes
and i feel the hurt that you hide your heart
and through it all, i see through the feign in your smile
but I’ll love you the more with your weakness
through weakness and strength my love will remain
i hope that you’ll see me this day on my knees
praying and hoping that our love will endure
The pain that is society’s work
For eternity has not heard of our love

And History may never hear our story Again

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