If I could I would give you the world
But I can’t so I’ll give you my word
My heart and my love is all that I have
And today I’ll lay it all at your feet
And hope this day you won’t throw it away
But even if you did
I’ll do it over and over again
For a moment to catch that glimpse of smile in your eyes
I’ll love you always and forever
To the moon and back
To infinity and beyond
For eternity has not heard of our love
And history may never see this again

I see the pain in your eyes
and i feel the hurt that you hide your heart
and through it all, i see through the feign in your smile
but I’ll love you the more with your weakness
through weakness and strength my love will remain
i hope that you’ll see me this day on my knees
praying and hoping that our love will endure
The pain that is society’s work
For eternity has not heard of our love

And History may never hear our story Again