Words and wishes

I wish you made me laugh often
But you didn’t.
I wish you were kind hearted to me,
But you weren’t exactly kind hearted.
I wish you were generous to me,
But you weren’t.
I wish you talked to me a little more,
But you didn’t.
I wish you gave me memories to remember you by,
But you didn’t.
I wish I gave you more,
Perhaps I didn’t.
I wish I meant more to you,
But I didn’t.
Then again, I wish you were worth only your worth to me,
But you were overrated, and I got cheated.
Goes to say;
We are both good,
Just not good to each other.
Imaginary lovers we were,
Loving each other’s deception.
Holding on to words and wishes we knew weren’t worth a penny.



Published by gloriathepoet

That hopeless romantic Poet who can't help but be in love. I love writing poetry, but i'm also a budding fantasy/Sci-fi Novel Writer. When i'm not dreaming my way with a pen, I'm trying to design something or create an application that may change the world.

8 thoughts on “Words and wishes

  1. Ooh – this is good! Or perhaps I should say sad/good! Yes, I’ve been to that place, a sorry world to be in, and one I’m so glad I’m free of. Imaginary lovers is exactly what it becomes! 🙂

    I’m taking this as a sign that you’re getting your mojo back!!? 😀

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