We Kept the Faith

We don’t all have perfect lives. The stories we told ourselves didn’t all come true. Yet your word is true, and the days we look forward to are brighter and better. We don’t all have fairy tales. There’s been many battles and many failures. Many tears and many lonely nights. Yet, we’re the better offContinue reading “We Kept the Faith”


When I was younger I took a lot of shortcuts But when you’re older and you hit a brick wall You have to wait Wait for a process that grinds you and turns you to zero You have to learn and embrace a process that molds you into something different Something separate Something not everyoneContinue reading “Shortcuts”

A Perfect Dream

A perfect dream He whispered with a kiss The loving hunger hidden with a smile A warm embrace so kind I swirl in heavenly emotions Surrendering gently To the throbbing pulse Of a gentle, yet intense desire Holding on to a dream once whispered But slowly unfolding Lovesick and high-strung On a promise so fragileContinue reading “A Perfect Dream”


(From ‘Twelve Songs’) XII Some say that love’s a little boy, And some say it’s a bird, Some say it makes the world go round, And some say that’s absurd, And when I asked the man next-door, Who looked as if he knew, His wife got very cross indeed, And said it wouldn’t do. DoesContinue reading “O TELL ME THE TRUTH ABOUT LOVE (by W. H. Auden )”