His eyes are the perfect river
A blinding ray of exquisite sun down
Firm yet soft as moonlight at dusk
His lips were made to be craved
The pinnings of a hopeless heart

My sub-conscious hope for a perfect lover
An imperfectly perfect ecstasy
To want him is to long for pain
To have him is nothing but euphoria
A blissful moment in heaven
A lovers dreamland

Like Oliver, I’m left begging for more
For an exhilarating moment in eternity
One more moment only doomed for heart ache
One second to utopia

I wish only if he were mine
Mine to have, to keep and to hold
Not just for a moment in time
But for never ending
Like cinderella’s Prince Charming
But then again, if he was mine to keep
He wouldn’t be my forbidden fruit
And we don’t really know what happened to Prince Charming now, do we?