Same Evil, New Day

Today I sit and ponder.
Life seems to change
Yet everything remains the same
It’s funny how time flies
and things appear to be different with every generation
But everything is the same
Just the same evil masked in a new costume.
All the people, all their thoughts
The Chaos, the Hatred
The greed, the love for life
The finger-pointing
The deception
The need to prove one’s self right
It goes on and on
From generation to generation
Nothing really changes
Evil is reborn with a new name & a new face

They say there are no mistakes and we are our mistakes

and in every beginning
There is an end
In unity there is chaos
Just as white light is made up of many colors
So humanity is made up of diverse people

If reality is a collection of varying Perceptions.

Why do we all collectively delude ourselves?

Published by gloriathepoet

That hopeless romantic Poet who can't help but be in love. I love writing poetry, but i'm also a budding fantasy/Sci-fi Novel Writer. When i'm not dreaming my way with a pen, I'm trying to design something or create an application that may change the world.

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