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Above all else I hope I’m able to meet your standards

Not anyone else’s, but yours alone

Above all else, I hope I didn’t let you down

And you look down on me not only with pity but with love

Because I have loved you with every fiber of my being

Above all else I hope you look with eyes of mercy on they that you gave me

Because yours they were, and you gave them to me

Above all else I hope I made you proud

That’s all a servant longs for. 

I yearn to say I’m your child, but who am I kidding, I’ll happily settle for servant

If you break me, you are able to fix me up again

I hold on to you and no one else

Just like the psalmist, I bear afflictions for you

So above all else, please don’t leave me hanging!

He’s given me a new charge
Not many can look into this
For sin is complete and prophecy is fulfilled
A new thing has begun
Even now it springs forth
Blessed are those who wait on the living God
And know his name
It’s complete
A new song is written
A new melody is started
Even now Prophecy is complete
He made me a watchman
Now I must speak
For my watch is come
I must stand at my post
Ready with a tune that beats to his name

I can write to you of my love for you, but now my spirit is broken and no words can describe my pain

I can tell you all about my heart ache for you 

But my spirit is broken and I’ve no where to turn

I would tell you my love for you has killed me

But your spirit would simply bring me back again just to afflict me 

I know it’s not you, but the watchmen who barely know you

Yet I wish you would deal with me directly

It’s easy to say I give up

That my heart is broken and I can no longer love you

But who am I kidding

You knew I would never stop loving you before you called me into existence 

Now what’s left of me? 

Does a man go into desolation because he loves his God

Or will his God find him and heal him of his affliction.

I read the words: “I’ve spoken”, twice. Now I use those same words.

It’s your turn!

I went searching for the one they call Solomon’s wisdom

I went searching for something, I can now no longer remember

Oh yes, I went searching for the promise 

The promise from of old

The one the watchmen have cleverly hidden

The one the clever ones know to speak nothing of

Like your fool, I went searching for you

Cunning wisdom, some call Sophia

A nameless one named by man

But what I found was afflicted

What I found was madness

What I found was death blossoming into life

An unholy crow sanctified by God alone

They said I was crazy

But life is crazy

To be alive is to be dead

To be aware is to be alive yet dead

Where’s the promise of old

The new to become

In Golgotha which is to say skull 

There they crucified us

There they left us to rot in the morning sun

Save us Lord, save us

For our delusion is more than we can bare

We’ve become the sons of sorrow

And our prophesy has become endless

Save us Lord, save us

For our rock is unknown in this earth

How do you teach a man to love

How do you teach a man to carve out his heart and offer it on an altar

How do you teach a man the meaning of love

The tree of life is love 

God is love 

We say the words, but does man understand those words

Your name is a love song to me

I’m stricken

Broken for you

I’m sick from love

The pain is as a million knives to my heart

I will seek your face from dawn till dusk

I will seek you alone till I find you

Bring me home to you

Bring me unto you

For I’m weary of these treacherous roads

I’m weary because I know how dreadful you are

Yet I love you so

Oh lover of my soul

You’re the very fabric of my existence

In you alone I live move and breath

Oh how I love you so, with every bit of me

My heart is yours

Yours to keep or kill

For I am sick from love and wish not to be cured

Let me wallow in you 

Let my heart bleed for you

For my love for you is as a scarlet cord

None can comprehend the whole of it. 

I haven’t written any poems in a while, cos I’ve been too busy being a working mum. 😦

I wrote this one for the little old lady down the road. For NancyLee


A smile in time
That’s what she gave
The little lady that’s more of an angel than a little lady
She’s everyone’s favorite
Even mine
For like magic she captured me with her smile and almost quirky sense of humor

First impression wasn’t much to go by
But second impressions! Well that’s her specialty
She’ll wow your heart when you do meet her twice
Twice I say, cos no one really gets away with the best first impressions

Even then, a smile in time is what she gave me
It had been a lonesome week
Burdened with nothing but disappointments & uncertain anxieties
With a smile, she took most of it away

We never know what we could give
With a smile in time
Perhaps, just enough to save a life!

~ GE

Oh If I could tell you what love is
Love is the smell of rain on a hot summer day
It’s the smell of Christmas in Paris
It’s that unexplained emotion that keeps you smiling when you smell something reminiscent of your fondest memory

Love is you seeing into my soul and loving me in-spite of my dark side
Love is you believing in me when I didn’t know there was something worth believing in
Love is you holding on tight to me even when I try to break free

Love’s not always that perfect fairy tale
But it’s certainly that rocky start that turns good then perfect
Love’s that mate my soul never knew it needed
Love is coming home to your warm embrace when the world’s worn me out with a bad day
Love is that dose of harsh reality you give me every time we fight
And that reassuring bond we form over again whenever we make up

Love never leaves me ashamed
Love doesn’t make me feel less of myself
Love doesn’t leave me with regrets
Love doesn’t leave me feeling filthy
Love doesn’t lie
Love isn’t something stolen
Love is that slow burning amber that starts with a little spark and glows brighter than a burning bush for all of eternity

Love is me and you
Always and forever
Through pain and joy
Through struggles and triumphs
Through mistakes and infallibilities
Through this world and the next

~~ GE

I wish you made me laugh often
But you didn’t.
I wish you were kind hearted to me,
But you weren’t exactly kind hearted.
I wish you were generous to me,
But you weren’t.
I wish you talked to me a little more,
But you didn’t.
I wish you gave me memories to remember you by,
But you didn’t.
I wish I gave you more,
Perhaps I didn’t.
I wish I meant more to you,
But I didn’t.
Then again, I wish you were worth only your worth to me,
But you were overrated, and I got cheated.
Goes to say;
We are both good,
Just not good to each other.
Imaginary lovers we were,
Loving each other’s deception.
Holding on to words and wishes we knew weren’t worth a penny.





I cant help but love these 3 movies over, and over, and over again. The first of my favorites is ‘After the Promise” starring NCIS’s very own famous Mark Hamorn. Released back in 1987, After the Promise is the story of a carpenter in a small Californian town in the 1930s. Struggling to bring up his 4 young sons after the loss of his wife to cancer, The story follows his struggle to get his sons back after the Government (citing trumped-up charges of parental neglect) places the boys into various foster homes and institutions. It also follows the abuse the boys are subjected to and all the pain the carpenter (Jackson) faces to get his boys back. No matter how many times i watch this movie, i cant help but cry. Its still emotional even till today. I remember seeing it for the first time when i was still in high school and i’ve loved it ever since.

My second favorite Movie is “The Notebook” played by the gorgeous Ryan Gosling. I think just about every romantic person on the planet has seen this movie. If you haven’t, i wont give any spoilers, just go get the DVD. It’s the kind of love everyone wants and people look for in just about every nook and cranny. Funny enough this movie was actually inspired by a Real Life couple. Originally written by Nicholas Sparks,  Sparks said he was inspired to write the novel by the grandparents of his wife, who had been married for more than 60 years when he met them. Just the thought of knowing this kind of love did and does exist out there does makes my heart warm. All the same, i still cry every time i watch it.

My latest beloved Movie is ‘The Vow”, got to see it last weekend and for some reason i got so obsessed with the storyline, i’ve ended up watching it 3 times in just 1 week. I didn’t cry through this one, but i’ve definitely been inspired to come up with 3 more love poems from this True life inspired Tale. Again if you haven’t seen this movie. Its a MUST Watch!!! grab a copy. It’s based on a true life story like i said, but what’s most intriguing is that the real Lady never got her memory back. What are the odds of falling in-love with the same person twice in 1 lifetime huh?  

You already know i’m a hopeless romantic and as long as there’s a cheesy love story to be told out there, i’ll keep loving these hopelessly romantic movies. If you have any favorites please do share them 🙂

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