Eternal recurrence
I have been here before
Once upon a dejavu
As a six-smith
Bound to the sixth house
In Middle summers
When date fruits bloom

I heard her say;
“Our lives are not our own
We are bound to others
Past, present and future
And by every crime or act of kindness
We birth our future”
And i understood her.
Her voice so clear and familiar
It was a clarion call for one
Like a perfect symphony sextet

Her face is June in Gemini
And she should be the third
But the Romans turned back time
And made her 6
But Judah keeps her still in her proper place
Lowly and twisted
Intense and extreme
A twin with herself

Naphtali should be her name
But that was a long time ago
Before a million kings plundered her home
And evil men sort her thrown

Her words are alive
Wisdom is in her courts
And knowledge abides in her bosom
So I listen closely
As she whispers;
“Knowledge is a mirror
To see who we were
And who we might become”
That we may no longer
Ask the ‘what’ but the ‘why’
Like; Why do we keep making the same mistakes over and over again?
Why does unanimity seem impossible?
And why can’t I just love you forever

Her message is nirvana
But she must save her own
For her SOS is only as strong as the weak ones
And her hope is not for this day

Still she will call
And when she does
Be able to hear
And be able to understand