Blurred wishes gliding on the ascent of pivotal moments
Rousing the perfect fires in our deepest emotions
hearts pounding like gentle lovers wrapped in passion
our voices echo loudly in medleys of unsung heroes
knowing this enigma is nothing but faded glories
and subprime loans in the hands of Predatory lenders

we haven’t always remembered
yet we haven’t always had amnesia
between love and lust, our spirits wade through the halls of shallow valleys
knowing not whence comes our beat
or our queue for spiritual wakening
we thread lightly on magic carpets
and hope on dying stars for solemn moments

We weren’t always this lost
yet we haven’t always found our way through time
Our hope’s on imaginary beings
longing for lullabies and empty promises
like prometheus our creativity is treachery
and social delusion has left us with perfidy

Mind control like traders and derivatives
we’ve lost a hold on these our liberties
freedom of speech freedom of thought
but freedom’s never come cheap
and what’s my freedom is your captivity
but never again we hope
never again will we be led astray

and when it’s all said and done
and all’s done that’s been said
and history repeats itself
because we’ve failed once again to remember
even then and above all else
will my love for you prevail