Hidden faraway
In middle eastern stars
Beneath mystery & intoxicating passion
do my scorpions stand steady and supreme
to teach you humility
The will to fight
And The choice to believe

Like the clear sounds of a Beacon call
The cries of victory
The beginning of change
Like Columbus and the Indians
Like Water displacement & Tsunami buoys
My scorpions do go forth to conquer

Riddled with power
Astute, highly intelligent & determined
The scorpions stay fixed as leaders in the eight house

Reserved, loyal, firm & somewhat proud
It is said; The wisdom of the serpent lies concealed in scorpius
With a destiny only for greatness

Let her rule these lands
For though her passion be stronger than wine
And her wrath be fiercer than the snakes venom
she was truly born to lead
And if I find her love addictive
Then leave me be
For this drunken man has found his solace

A million stings for his kisses
Let him rule my heart
For my scorpion king knows me too well
And though I may be drunk off his venom
Let me stay drunk with his love
For passion was made to be this way
Then again, if I wake up broken hearted
Leave me be
Cos I’ll gladly take one more sip from his fountain