I once used to wish i lived in the days of Christ. I tell myself; I would have loved him, walked by his side daily, been his faithful disciple and savored every single word he spoke. But then i realized, I probably wouldn’t have. I would probably be like the many others who thought he was talking absolute balderdash and leading people astray. Then again, maybe i would have been loyal to him. but that’s something i’ll never know. One thing i do however know right now is; Everything happens for a reason and in its season. This is the Only time i could have truly lived and come to life. Hence i exist in the now. It is only now that i would have been able to believe in or not believe in Christ..

A quantum physicist once said; “The Universe is a string of interwoven consciousness, and time and space are nothing more than illusions that can be warped, stretched and altered”. I on the other hand seem to think Life is nothing more that GOD, and our Universe is no more than a dream like illusion. A world that illuminates the darkness of non-existence.

Light, darkness, life, death, love, hate, reality and delusion all exist in our cognitive understanding of Truth and reality. I always say; perception is reality and we are products of our imaginations. But what is Truth and what is Real? is it what we have all collectively come to accept as true and real? or is it what we’ve all been led to believe. Like clay in the hands of a porter, have we been subjected to cognitive manipulation by the porter named ‘Society and Culture’?

If Collectively we see ourselves as one people under one GOD, where is that unity? if we collectively see ourselves as different pieces to the puzzle of life, why has that picture failed to come together? If collectively my own and i all say our GOD is all transcendental and is the same yesterday, today and forever, then why do my own people not believe me when i say; I saw GOD last night? or that i feel what GOD feels? or that GOD speaks to me everyday?

In an aeon full of faith, faithlessness is the order of the day disguised as Religion, culture and perception. Delusion is turned on it heads and fiction is no better than facts. History repeats itself, because we are a forgetful species. We know not where we come from and delude ourselves with the belief that we know where we’re headed. Yet we fail to see what’s in front of our eyes. Blindness is traded for blindness, and vanity for vanity. because we cannot tell the difference.  conscious perception is unnecessary because oblivious attention is comfortable.

Then again life isn’t about my perception and my philosophies now is it?