Family of Bloggers Award

Last Night i was pretty chuffed to see a comment from one of my Favorite Poetic Blogger ‘Anansi‘, telling me i had been nominated for the ‘Family of Bloggers Award’. “Well whoop ti doo” i thought to myself. I didn’t think anyone was paying attention to my blogs let alone think me worthy of this golden Barton :). All the same, Anansi the Poet is a Mighty Fine Poet/writer indeed, and one must consider this Award as equal in value to a pristine gift befitting only for the kings of Endor.

Now here are The Rules of the Award as i have been informed

  1. One must say ‘thank you’ to whomever nominated you.
  2. One must provide a link to their blog.
  3. Using the Art of Anagram, one must utilize the word ‘FAMILY’ in telling us the attributes that one brings to the family of bloggers.
  4. One must finally Nominate at least 4 other people to join one’s family of bloggers, and let them know about their nomination


My Anagram






Yin to every Poetic Yang 🙂


Here are my Nominees

The Happy Horror writer – My favorite writer and always happy faced writer gets my first vote

Cristian Mihai – such a good writer that sometimes i wonder if he’s a computer bot?

John Coyote – Another lovely Poet/Story Teller

5 mins a day – just gotta love his blogs 🙂

PoetMagic – For the Inspiration

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That hopeless romantic Poet who can't help but be in love. I love writing poetry, but i'm also a budding fantasy/Sci-fi Novel Writer. When i'm not dreaming my way with a pen, I'm trying to design something or create an application that may change the world.

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