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When I was younger I took a lot of shortcuts
But when you’re older and you hit a brick wall
You have to wait
Wait for a process that grinds you and turns you to zero
You have to learn and embrace a process that molds you into something different
Something separate
Something not everyone will embrace or want to be a part off
You have to love a process that isolates you and molds the true you
When I was younger I used to take shortcuts
But there are no shortcuts when you’re young or older

~ GE

A penny for my thoughts? What’s a million thoughts per second worth?

I sit here every night pondering and wondering why life and humanity is the way it is. Better yet, why I see life the way I do and no one else (at least no one that I know) sees it that way? Each day I feel like writing my thoughts down, but I always end up avoiding the pain in these emotions, by playing candy crush soda. It’s usually a lot easier, at least for a while.
All the same, here I am. Unable to avoid my pen any longer. Finally writing my emotions at 3.30am in the morning, thanks to the delusive tool that is Facebook.
 It’s funny how certain things come across as useful, yet they have a way of doling out society’s ugly and disgusting traits, or life’s ugliness, pain, and emptiness. For example, I log onto Facebook 2 days ago and find out someone I grew up with as a kid has passed away. I cry my eyes out and can’t bring myself to write a simple RIP on her Facebook wall. All I want to say is; I’m sorry I never stayed in touch. I’m sorry I never took a moment in time to ask you how life’s treating you, or ask you if you’re doing ok! I’m sorry is all I can think of. Yet I’m sorry isn’t really enough. 
Yesterday I logged onto Facebook again (24hrs after my mental breakdown from realizing an old friend is dead) and I see a picture of the most adorable baby trending on Facebook. With lots of comments from my friends, I decide to check out who this adorable baby belongs to. Turns out an old friend who deleted me off Facebook and cut me out of his life just had this beautiful baby. I’m thrilled for him. However, I can’t help but wonder if this baby will grow up being brainwashed and biased like its dad. See, the only reason my good old friend cut me off is because I posted the phrase “Happy Rosh Hashanah” on Facebook. We had a heated argument about the State of Israel. I was pro Israel, and he was pro Palestine. He hated Israel, and I loved both Israel and Palestine. For him, he couldn’t bring himself to be associated with someone he termed “A Jew Lover”. Even though we once lived in the same building, shared a couple of drinks after work, and shared lots of laughs and fun memories, he was done with me the second he learned I was in anyway remotely pro-Jews…. I still stare at our pictures and wonder how anyone could hate Israel that much???? I’ve never really understood the concept of prejudice.  Needless to say, mental breakdown part 2 set in. I quickly logged off and went back to bed. 
I logged on to Facebook again this morning (Addictive habit, this Facebook thing). I saw posts by someone I’d been trying to reach for weeks. I scroll through her page and see she’s doing fine. Actually she’s doing better than fine. She’s passionate about a group that I think is a ‘little cultish group’ (luckily I’ve kept my opinion about this group to myself). Turns out she really doesn’t give a flippity flop about me, and I’m just a bleep in her radar. One of many bleeps, and nothing more than a numbers filler. I see how everyone purrs at her and give her loads of attention. I see how everyone I’m connected to through her is no different from her. I look away because obviously envy is a sin. I’ll do myself some good by not becoming envious. 
However, she’s got me thinking. What purpose do we serve or achieve by staying connected to unnecessary people? Why do we spend time kissing the asses of mean conceited people and the ones with true love in their hearts waste away right before our eyes? The time I spent texting her, would have been time I spent saying hello to my now dead friend. I can’t help but compare my humble and meek dead friend to this conceited and overly inflated ego’ed acquaintance (see how my perception of her has shifted from friend to acquaintance). 
I’m exhausted from having to ponder society’s many disgusting traits. It’s easy for many to avoid it. It’s hard for me  to disconnect myself from it all. Whenever I write, it’s always in pain. I’ve been told I write way too many dark poems. Maybe it’s because we live in a dark world and we only choose to see and believe what we want to…
I’m exhausted. I should get some sleep. 

Chuck Prince once said “We have to dance till the music stops”… If you didn’t know, Chuck Prince used to be my boss’s boss. I loved him, looked up to him as a genius, and everyday i’m still reminded of the meaning behind this phrase. But as years pass by, i’ve come to realize, just as we must dance while the music plays, we must also learn to know when the music has stopped. Because eventually the music will stop, time will pass and all you’re left with is the memory of those beats and the adrenaline rush while you danced.

Was it a good dance or not? only time tells. Still, in your heart, you will know if your feet and passion carried you on the winds of time towards your destiny.

Eventually the music will stop. When it does, you must learn to walk again and carry-on like you never danced. Things will be tough once again, but remembering that you once danced gives you the fire you need to create a new opportunity to dance again.

Ask yourself these questions. Are you still dancing when the music has stopped? Do you even know how to tell time? Do you know how to listen up for the beat? do you know when its your queue to dance? better yet, do you think i’m still talking about music and dance 🙂

Subliminal and abstract messaging is my thing, What’s yours? 🙂

Blurred wishes gliding on the ascent of pivotal moments
Rousing the perfect fires in our deepest emotions
hearts pounding like gentle lovers wrapped in passion
our voices echo loudly in medleys of unsung heroes
knowing this enigma is nothing but faded glories
and subprime loans in the hands of Predatory lenders

we haven’t always remembered
yet we haven’t always had amnesia
between love and lust, our spirits wade through the halls of shallow valleys
knowing not whence comes our beat
or our queue for spiritual wakening
we thread lightly on magic carpets
and hope on dying stars for solemn moments

We weren’t always this lost
yet we haven’t always found our way through time
Our hope’s on imaginary beings
longing for lullabies and empty promises
like prometheus our creativity is treachery
and social delusion has left us with perfidy

Mind control like traders and derivatives
we’ve lost a hold on these our liberties
freedom of speech freedom of thought
but freedom’s never come cheap
and what’s my freedom is your captivity
but never again we hope
never again will we be led astray

and when it’s all said and done
and all’s done that’s been said
and history repeats itself
because we’ve failed once again to remember
even then and above all else
will my love for you prevail

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