Chuck Prince once said “We have to dance till the music stops”… If you didn’t know, Chuck Prince used to be my boss’s boss. I loved him, looked up to him as a genius, and everyday i’m still reminded of the meaning behind this phrase. But as years pass by, i’ve come to realize, just as we must dance while the music plays, we must also learn to know when the music has stopped. Because eventually the music will stop, time will pass and all you’re left with is the memory of those beats and the adrenaline rush while you danced.

Was it a good dance or not? only time tells. Still, in your heart, you will know if your feet and passion carried you on the winds of time towards your destiny.

Eventually the music will stop. When it does, you must learn to walk again and carry-on like you never danced. Things will be tough once again, but remembering that you once danced gives you the fire you need to create a new opportunity to dance again.

Ask yourself these questions. Are you still dancing when the music has stopped? Do you even know how to tell time? Do you know how to listen up for the beat? do you know when its your queue to dance? better yet, do you think i’m still talking about music and dance 🙂

Subliminal and abstract messaging is my thing, What’s yours? 🙂