I’ve come to realize that we all get in our own way (future potentials) with our own ways (past/old ways and habits). I want to say the devil knows how to exploit our weaknesses, but the truth is God knows how to push our weaknesses to the surface, so they’re revealed before our eyes, for the sake of getting us to improve.

Over the last 3 years I’ve come to discover that I’ve got this deep seated anger. I want to call it a righteous anger because It usually only comes out when I’m trying to help someone.

However, when I end up losing that person I’m trying to help because of anger, I end up feeling sorrowful. So I ask God for another opportunity to help someone else.

The same thing happens over and over again. It’s like a test of my resolve. Someone shows up, they want me to join them in prayer over something. Or some times I see someone struggling and I decide to help and intercede and pray for them. But the moment I start to pray for them is the moment they start to fight me. Then I get angry with them and like clockwork the friendship is over..

Now the question is; who’s getting in who’s way? And The answer is; we’re all getting in our own way.

Case in point; I asked God to help me improve in my ability to execute whatever he gives me. He sends stubborn goats my way, and I have to learn how to shepherd stubborn goats without throwing them off a cliff somewhere. On the other hand, the stubborn goat isn’t used to having their weaknesses revealed, so they try to head butt me, which is their old way of dealing with anything.

(I should probably do a podcast on why goats head butt… 🤨💭)

True life story is we will often play the role of a goat or goat herder interchangeably throughout our lives, but learning to get out of your own way is a growth process.

here’s why I’m having this reclusive conversation with myself and anyone who cares to read this post;

I’m about to fire an employee because he’s just crappy at his job. I gave him several warnings but he hasn’t changed. So I began to pray for him. I asked God to show him grace, and give him the wisdom he needs to begin to improve in his role, so I won’t have to fire him. As soon as I started praying for him, guess what? He began to head butt me like a stubborn goat 🤷🏾‍♀️. He starts to look for loopholes to point the finger at me.. so what happens? I lose my temper again because he doesn’t know I’ve been praying for him. And just like clockwork, he escalated himself into a 60 days performance improvement probation

If he ends up getting fired, I’ll be back at square one asking God to give me another opportunity to help someone else out 🤨

So here we are.. story of life. I’m writing to deescalate my anger and remind myself not to get in my own way. I’m writing to remind myself that I have a boss above with whom I have to do an account reconciliation with. Above all else, I’m writing to remind myself not to rest on my laurels, because I would hate to be so comfortable in my own ways that i don’t recognize when God is about to fire me.

I hope you learn not to get in your own way!

Show love, show mercy, show grace, show compassion

Matthew 7:4 – “How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye?”