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Goodbye my dear December
Last of the embers and my favorite member
Your yuletide I’ll be sure to remember
When autumn comes around with a bender

Say hi to November
October and September
Lost love and memories misremembered
From calendars ditched in attics and dustpans

Remember my December
That Santa makes you special
And good kids look to your return like Eastenders and Air Benders

But oh December my December
When you return next calendar
I’ll be here singing love songs
And mending hearts pumped with endorphins
So be sure to bring me more glad tidings
To make my heart merrier than bartenders with lavenders and high spenders

Goodbye December
Goodbye 2012
Thank you for all the many blessings



His eyes are the perfect river
A blinding ray of exquisite sun down
Firm yet soft as moonlight at dusk
His lips were made to be craved
The pinnings of a hopeless heart

My sub-conscious hope for a perfect lover
An imperfectly perfect ecstasy
To want him is to long for pain
To have him is nothing but euphoria
A blissful moment in heaven
A lovers dreamland

Like Oliver, I’m left begging for more
For an exhilarating moment in eternity
One more moment only doomed for heart ache
One second to utopia

I wish only if he were mine
Mine to have, to keep and to hold
Not just for a moment in time
But for never ending
Like cinderella’s Prince Charming
But then again, if he was mine to keep
He wouldn’t be my forbidden fruit
And we don’t really know what happened to Prince Charming now, do we?


Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion. It is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality. But, of course, only those who have personality and emotions know what it means to want to escape from these things.

~ T. S. Eliot

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My addiction
My obsession
Would you love me like I wanted to be loved
Would you be my obsession
& let me be your addiction
Let our love be the drug that gods crave
Let my heart be the treasure that you pillage
Like a barbarian warlock
Could you love me with aggression
Or like a Greco-roman soldier
Would you plunder my nether regions?
Better yet, Like Romeo and Juliet
Would you make passionate love to me
Like our last breath depended on it?
Make me beg and mourn for you
Like a lost junkie high on love
For I am an obsessive lover
Sex is my drug and love is my addiction


Hidden faraway
In middle eastern stars
Beneath mystery & intoxicating passion
do my scorpions stand steady and supreme
to teach you humility
The will to fight
And The choice to believe

Like the clear sounds of a Beacon call
The cries of victory
The beginning of change
Like Columbus and the Indians
Like Water displacement & Tsunami buoys
My scorpions do go forth to conquer

Riddled with power
Astute, highly intelligent & determined
The scorpions stay fixed as leaders in the eight house

Reserved, loyal, firm & somewhat proud
It is said; The wisdom of the serpent lies concealed in scorpius
With a destiny only for greatness

Let her rule these lands
For though her passion be stronger than wine
And her wrath be fiercer than the snakes venom
she was truly born to lead
And if I find her love addictive
Then leave me be
For this drunken man has found his solace

A million stings for his kisses
Let him rule my heart
For my scorpion king knows me too well
And though I may be drunk off his venom
Let me stay drunk with his love
For passion was made to be this way
Then again, if I wake up broken hearted
Leave me be
Cos I’ll gladly take one more sip from his fountain


A Birthday Poem for my Friend Star

Memories scream somehow through you Beautiful Star
Sharing surprises and prospects with every warm smile
Every gentle word and every story untold
Let’s hide together on silent nights
Underneath pitch black blue skies
And a million twinkling stars
We’ll call on the gods to come hear our stories
And carry the songs of our hearts through the milky-way

A simple song for a Star
A million wishes upon you
My beautiful Scorpio
Tis your birthday
So let us be merry
For the angels know this day
And the heavens know your name all too well

Forceful and determined
Emotional and intuitive
Powerful and passionate
Exciting and magnetic
A beautiful Star born to soar
Just like Kelly says
I believe you can fly
Happy Birthday Star!!!

Snow flakes and cold winds
In comfy cottages
North of the western kingdoms
My November is home again
And though you might soon go away
My heart is warm for now till then

Bring me tea cups and biscuits
For my love has fully blossomed
To find warmth within the walls of your heart
Is all I ask of thee oh November
For the high seasons and thankful moments
Are all but yours to bring

Bring me turkey bring me roast
For thanksgiving is here again
And when we say our prayers together again
I’ll be sure to say a thanks for you

Hold me close and bring on December
But be sure to let January know
For scorpio’s wrath is a little too scary to bare
And Sagittarius knows to aim for my heart

But oh November my November
Do treat me well
For I’m a lover not a fighter
And my love runs deeper than the Euphrates rivers


I look into your eyes and realize
My love for you is but a fairy tale
For the one I love is non existent
And the person I want to love
isn’t you
I cling to hopeless memories
Wondering if you love me too
But nothing ever gets answered whilst being wondered

It all started with a smile
A gentle kiss and a warm embrace
Then it was you
You became my smile
My escape
My safe place
To dream
To smile
To love like crazy once again
But then I realized
It wasn’t you
For the one I love is non existent
And the one I want to love
Isn’t you

It was once upon a mistake
It started with a bold question
A truth or dare
A questionable passion
To have and to hold
What wasn’t ours
We dared and we lied
But then I realized
It wasn’t you
For the one I love is non existent
& The one I want to love
Isn’t you

You are my inspiration and my passion
You will always be my smile
My love
My safe place
My beautiful illusion
And the one I’ll love deeply
But I realize
It wasn’t you
For you haven’t loved me too
And I haven’t been a fair lover
Yet this mythical love affair
Was the best in neverland

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