Goodbye December

Goodbye my dear December Last of the embers and my favorite member Your yuletide I’ll be sure to remember When autumn comes around with a bender Say hi to November October and September Lost love and memories misremembered From calendars ditched in attics and dustpans Remember my December That Santa makes you special And goodContinue reading “Goodbye December”

My Scorpio Clan

Hidden faraway In middle eastern stars Beneath mystery & intoxicating passion do my scorpions stand steady and supreme to teach you humility The will to fight And The choice to believe Like the clear sounds of a Beacon call The cries of victory The beginning of change Like Columbus and the Indians Like Water displacementContinue reading “My Scorpio Clan”

A Birthday Poem for my Friend, Star

Memories scream somehow through you Beautiful Star Sharing surprises and prospects with every warm smile Every gentle word and every story untold Let’s hide together on silent nights Underneath pitch black blue skies And a million twinkling stars We’ll call on the gods to come hear our stories And carry the songs of our heartsContinue reading “A Birthday Poem for my Friend, Star”